Document Management

OneSource Office Systems offers a Managed Print Services program that encompasses all printer, copier and fax machine hardware, supplies and service aspects of your facilities network. Our Total Managed Services Program covers all phases including Workflow Assessment, Automated Supplies Fulfillment, Service and Hardware Procurement. The complete program can be custom tailored to meet your firm's specific needs and is based on a single predetermined monthly payment, that can include all of your hardware, supplies and service.

Research conducted by the Gartner Group shows that 1-3% of annual revenue is spent on print and copy solutions.  The  same  research  also shows that 90% of all companies do not know or do not have the ability to track their total printing and copying expense. This translates to large portions of profit margins being unaccounted for and unmanaged.

Our current Managed Service customers have implemented our suggested workflows and have optimized their costs. They are now reporting a 10-30% savings of the exact same product purchases and services from last year. In addition, their staff is not spending time trying to fix printers and their Purchasing departments are not desperately trying to refill supplies. By utilizing our complete single source solution, our customers are focusing their efforts on driving their business and less time on their hardware. We are able to accommodate firms of any size and we will be glad to conduct an onsite assessment to help you understand how your printer fleet can be optimized.

    Save Time. Employees spend time focusing on their jobs instead of trying to fix equipment and ordering supplies.
    Save Money. One monthly payment for full time hardware support, onsite service and supplies.
    Workflow Assessment. We find the right device to accommodate the specific printing needs.
    Less Downtime. We provide scheduled maintenance on your equipment to prevent work stoppages.
    Supplies. Automated Supplies replenishment eliminates paperwork and increases productivity.
    Service. An authorized technician readily available to service your equipment right away.
    Hardware. Because of our volume purchasing power, we are able to extend the lowest possible pricing to you. Roll in new hardware with no up front capital cost.
    Disposal. We pick up, dispose of and recycle your old equipment and empties.
    All the service, equipment and supplies you need in ONE company.

Allow OneSource the opportunity to become your document management and solutions provider. For a free initial onsite assessment or more information regarding our Managed Print Services program, please email or call (800) 774-6834.